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Welcome to Keshi Walker Law Group LLC, a different kind of law firm. Keshi Walker Law offers comprehensive legal advice and counsel in various aspects of the law. Our areas of practice are Immigration, Criminal Defense, Business, and Family Law.  If you have a legal matter or problem, I can offer you excellent representation. I have a reputation for creative litigation approaches and achieving exceptional results. Give me a chance to be your lawyer in the time of need.


To be a leading, socially conscious law firm that offers valuable, affordable legal services in Immigration, Criminal Defense, Family, and Business laws with special emphasis on the underserved community.







What to Expect

When we take you case, you can expect: 

  • A fast digital process in setting up your case designed to meet your unique legal challenge. 

  • You have the ability to check the process on your case via your very own portal on line.

  • Speedy responses to your text, calls and social media inquiries. 

  • Variable fee options so you know what our legal representation will cost you and you can rest easy. 

  • Regular case updates on your case.

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Meet Your Attorney

I am a licensed attorney in the states of Illinois and New Mexico. I also have an MBA degree with several years experience in customer service and management of a non profit organization.

I was an Assistant District Attorney with the State of New Mexico, where I prosecuted both Felonies and misdemeanor crimes.

My experience in the criminal prosecution showed among other things how immigrants can be negatively imparted by some plea offers they take. Taking a plea instead of fighting your case may not be the best route. My experience in criminal prosecution is a skill that I bring to the table.

Joy is dedicated to helping clients locally, nationally, and internationally with different aspects of the law as it affects an immigrant.

Joy knows what it feels like to be faced with immigration issues whether it be a problem or a challenge. She has lived the immigrant experience, and so she feels your pain. Joy can help you transform your pain into your gain.

Keshi Walker Law Group is dedicated to helping you navigate the immigration process so you can have peace of mind and live the American dream.  

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